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Why ToneDoctor ??

ToneDoctor is Denmark's, Scandinavia's and indeed Europe's new high-end guitar gear shop.

ToneDoctor was started from a desire to create the high-end guitar shop, that we as guitar gear nerds ourselves would like to shop at - the shop that would be our own favorite store.

We had been frustrated that some of the best guitar gear brands did not have any representation in Denmark and were even difficult to get in Scandinavia and Europe. So the idea to do it ourself emerged. Most stores stock primarily beginner-to-intermediate gear, as that is where the most profit can be made - both in terms of profit margins and volume of sales. While this is understandable from a business perspective, it makes for very uninspiring stores for quality minded and serious guitarists.

ToneDoctor's inventory is aimed strictly at professional guitarists and guitarists that are very serious about their tone and the quality of their equipment. We will only stock and sell equipment that is of highest quality both construction wise and sound wise.

In fact the ToneDoctor philosophy is that we will absolutely - and with no exceptions - only sell guitar gear that inspires us and that we would personally be proud to use on stage or in a studio ourself.

ToneDoctor is very proud to be the exclusive Danish dealer of:

Magnatone Amplifiers, Victory Amplifiers, Kernom, DanDrive Pedals, Cornerstone Music Gear, KingTone Pedals, NativeAudio, OX4 Pickups, Mark Foley Pickups, CG-Pedals and RJM Music Technology

And to be a dealer for brands like:

Browne Amplification, Meris, Morningstar Engineering, Universal Audio, Origin Effects, Jackson Audio, JAM Pedals, Keeley, EarthQuaker Devices, KMA, Lovepedal, Neo Instruments, Revv, Cioks, Kahayan, Soundbrenner, Curt Mangan and Stringjoy

.....and many more to be announced shortly

What some of our customers are saying.....

"There's a good reason this shop is named ToneDoctor. Kristoffer is extremely knowledgeable about guitar tone and guitar gear. I'm thrilled with the service and the awesome products that I've bought from this shop."

Jacob Elbæk Jensen (Rune Villads Band, Møllerskov, Dressed for Roxette) (Magnatone Twilighter Combo, Two sets of OX4 humbuckers - A4 Low Wind & Custom Rock A5 "PAF", KingTone pedals, Cornerstone Antique, Jackson Audio Optimist and Cioks DC-7)

"I have ordered from ToneDoctor several times - Great products, fast delivery and superb service !"

Mads Reinhold (Christopher, Dicte, Poul Krebs - and many others) (KingTone pedals, Browne Amplifcation Protein Dual Overdrive, Curt Mangan Strings, StringJoy Strings)

High-end in both service and products. The best new gearstore in Denmark!

This is definitely not the last time I have ordered at

Rasmus Thrane (Victory, KingTone & Curt Mangan).

"Great sounding gear, swift delivery and above all - Great service.

I've tried and bought a lot of gear on the advice of ToneDoctor, and he has never steered me wrong. My main overdrive pedal used to be a King of Tone, but ToneDoctor suggested that I tried the Cornerstone Antique Drive, and suffice to say I don't own the KOT anymore."

Rasmus Vognsen (Browne Amps Protein Drive, Cornerstone Antique Drive, Curt Mangan Strings)

The Creator gave me one Mouth and two Ears. Good decision. My white friend The ToneDoctor is a wise Man. I listen and get wiser. Bought OX4 Pickups (several Types), Origin Effects - KingTone - Native Audio and 2 Magnatone Amps.

Now I have spoken.

Native Crazy Young Lewis

Yo Guitarslinger !! - Ready for a Duel ???

Stop talking and take me to the pedal