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KingTone The Duellist Dual Overdrive
KingTone The Duellist Dual Overdrive

KingTone The Duellist Dual Overdrive

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KingTone The Duellist Dual Overdrive 

This listing is for the 2019-2021 version of the KingTone The Duellist Dual Overdrive.

KingTones The Duellist is a modern day classic and a landmark dual overdrive pedal found on numerous famous A-list guitarists' pedal boards. It contains optimized versions of two of the most loved and coveted overdrive pedals ever made - with the build quality and tweaks we all know and love from KingTone Pedals.

2 separate pedals in one unit 

The Duellist contains two fully separate and independent circuits, one for each of the two channels - Drive A & Drive B.


Drive A or the STRING-SINGER side is KingTones version of the mighty Tube Screamer, but tweaked and optimized for tone and versatility.

Tube Screamers never sounded this good before !! - and the tweaks and added tonal versatility of the 3-way mini toggle and the internal switches described below allows you to perfectly refine your sound.


Drive B or the HEAVY HAND side is KingTones version of the venerable BluesBreaker - again tweaked and optimized for tone and versatility.

The BluesBreaker in its stock format is such an expressive and soulful pedal - but now you can customize that even further to perfectly suit your sound and playing style with the mini toggle and internal switches described below. 

Gain-stacking and the "3rd Channel"

The Duellist is renowned for its ability to gain-stack beautifully. Drive A and Drive B are balanced to stack beautifully with each other for a 3rd lead channel. The channels also stack perfectly with other great OD pedals. In example they stack really great with the KingTone Blues Power and the Cornerstone Gladio Dual Overdrive.


Each channel has its own set of controls consisting of Drive, Volume & Tone. Furthermore each channel has a 3-way mini toggle to switch between 3 EQ-settings: FAT - STOCK - GLASS.

FAT is great for fattening up a single coil guitar if needed, STOCK is self-explanatory and GLASS is great for extra stingy blues tones or for use with a dark voiced humbucker-equipped guitar.

Asymmetrical or Symmetrical clipping and Internal switches

The 4 internal switches offer even more control and versatility, and lets you refine the sound to suit you. 

You can choose between Asymmetrical or Symmetrical clipping for each channel for smooth or more gritty sounds.

Furthermore there is a FAT switch for Drive A for a darker EQ and a switchable distortion circuit for channel B for heavier sustaining lead tones.

Build for touring

As all other KingTone products, The Duellist is build using only "best in class" components - it's as beautiful inside as it is from the outside, and it's build to last a lifetime of heavy touring.

 Specs :

  • Wide Drive Controls, Allow Almost Clean Overdrive Tones, All The Way To Full-On Overdrive Settings With No Compromise In Tone
  • A Reinvention Of Two Classic and Distinct Overdrive Pedals In One Unit
  • Separate And Independent Circuits For Each Channel – A/B
  • True Bypass (No Tone Loss)
  • Fat, Stock and Glass Settings For Each Channel (Unique to KingTone)
  • Four Internal Switches For Tone Refinement
  • Asymmetrical Or Symmetrical Clipping For Each Channel
  • Switchable Distortion Circuit On Channel “B”
  • Classic Overdrive Tones But With Many More Options
  • Carefully Matched And Selected Components
  • Easy To See White LED Lights
  • High Quality 4558 Chips
  • A Unique And Highly Sought After Pedal
  • Hand Wired
  • Standard 9v DC Power Or Internal Battery
  • Stunning LASER Engraved Control Panel
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • Dimensions : 3,4 x 9,4 x 12,0 cm
  • Weight : 457 grams
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies