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Like many other tone fanatics we have been searching for years to find pickups, that have the correct vintage sound, feel and look - without the price and inconsistencies of the vintage pieces.

There is no shortage of boutique and quality brands that claim to deliver authentic vintage tone, and we have tried nearly all of them.

Frankly we had almost given up on finding any that could actually deliver the true vintage sound, feel and look - until we found Mark Stow and his company OX4.

Mark personally builds, hand-winds and ages - if requested - all pickups to order. He only uses the best of the best, vintage-correct, quality components and materials: Bobbins, baseplates, covers, slugs and keepers are made by OX4 Pickups with vintage-correct materials. Pickups Ohm is between 7.1k to 8.9k depending on what wind is required.

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  • OX4 Strat Single Coil set, Vintage White
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