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Collection: CG-Pedals

ToneDoctor is extremely proud to be THE exclusive dealer for CG-Pedals !

CG-Pedals is a prime example of just how great and musical pedals can get, when they are developed and build by a very intelligent, passionate and tireless individual with a finely tuned ear and an uncompromising approach to design, parts and sound quality.

Carsten Gerken, the founder of CG-pedals has a scientific background and has used all his research methodology to research effect pedal circuits in general and the different ToneBender circuits in particular.

CG-Pedals sets the bar for selecting and matching the germanium transistors and diodes for their Bænder Mk3 pedal so high that only a very limited number of pedals are produced each year. So if you want one, you better move fast before they are all gone.

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  • CG-Pedals Bænder Mk3
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