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Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp
Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp
Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp
Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp

Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp

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Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp

Cornerstone's Gladio is one of the most sought after and wanted pedals by guitar players. Once you try it and experience its sublime touch responsive amp like tones and feel, you will understand why - and you will want to get one for yourself.

Two channel preamp pedal

The Gladio is a 2 channel preamp pedal that captures the magic of 2 distinct Dumble circuits. It will let you switch between the 2 circuits or let you stack the circuits by feeding channel 1 into channel 2. Individually or stacked the channels will bring you authentic breathtaking Dumble tones - and more.

The Gladio is extremely touch responsive and stacks wonderfully with other pedals like the Cornerstone Antique, the KingTone Dualist and other quality boost and drive pedals.

But hurry up and get one as the Gladios sell out in a flash and are very hard to keep in stock.

Here is what Robben Ford says about the Gladio:

"I've recently been working with a pedal designed with my sound in mind by Emilio, at Cornerstone Music Gear. The pedal is the Gladio double preamp. I spent three days using it to record a new course for the TrueFire company and was really happy with it. Great lead tone and so convenient to be able to switch quickly to a great overdriven rhythm sound. His pedal isn't as overly compressed and locked up like a lot of overdrive pedals I've tried - his being more open and organic sounding. Great pedal made in my favorite country - Italy!"  

Here is what Cornerstone says about the Gladio: 

"We’ve always been fascinated by the sound of great artists like Robben Ford or Eric Johnson (to name a few) and it’s always been our dream to recreate those sounds in a pedal. To do that, we soon realized that the key was to be able to offer something close to the amps they were using.
The design goal had a name: Dumble.
This is the reason why GLADIO is an Overdrive with a realistic tube-compression behavior to mimiq the Dumble famous preamps saturation, still always retaining a rich touch-sensitive response.

Why two channels?
It’s all about versatility. GLADIO has two independent channels with totally different voices, which combined together offer an even wider range of sounds.

The 1st channel is able to deliver a smooth and creamy sounds (inspired by songs like Robben Ford’s Cannonball Shuffle). It’s really transparent and with a round touch-sensitive response that helps enhancing the playing. Controls (Gain, Tone and Volume) are self-explaining and there’s a toggle switch called COMP to choose between two different compression levels.

The 2nd channel is designed to offer a special hard clipping sound pretty much inspired by Sonny Landreth’s tone. Controls are all self-explaining and there’s a toggle switch called JAZZ/ROCK, which should not need presentations.

The Gladio is equipped with a special toggle switch to choose between two different switching modes.
"S" which stands for "SINGLE" and "D" which stands for "DOUBLE".

In Single mode you can use only one channel at a time, which means that pressing the footswitch of one of the two channels makes the other turn off (avoiding tip tap dancing).
In Double mode you can stack the two channels to reach a huge fat Dumble-esque sound."

 Specs :

  • Cornerstone Gladio Dual Overdrive
  • Two channel preamp pedal
  • Captures the magic sound of 2 different Dumble amp circuits
  • Channel 1 has controls for Volume, Gain and Tone and a Comp mini switch
  • Channel 2 has controls for Volume, Gain and Tone and a Jazz / Rock switch
  • Two switching modes Single & Double
  • Dimensions : 4,1 x 9,3 x 11,9 cm
  • Weight 383 grams
  • Standard 9V DC Negative power supply
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies