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Collection: Mark Foley Pickups

Mark Foley pickups adds the elusive and magical vintage sound and feel of the finest examples of pickups from the 1950's and 1960's to come out of Fullerton. 

Unlike many other boutique strat pickup builders, Mark doesn't just get the magnet material and strength, the wire type, gauge and the resistance correct; he also focus heavily on the capacitance and inductance of the pickups.

Mark has gone to extreme lengths to reverse engineered both 50's and 60's strat pickups. In example he has, by hand, turn-for-turn unwound a series of vintage strat pickups and studied the vinding pattern of the best examples.

All these things and more has enabled Mark to consistently recreate the best 1950's and 1960's vintage strat pickups. Each pickup is meticulously hand build, and the pickups are available both as NOS sets and aged sets.

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