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Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE
Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE
Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE
Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

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Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

When it comes to overdrive sounds nothing beats the sound of a vintage valve amplifier pushed into natural overdrive !!
There's an organic roar from overdriving the valve output section of a vintage amp that is simply magical, and neither the sound with its elusive overdrive characteristics and harmonics, nor the touch dynamics can be replicated by even the best build traditional overdrive pedals.

Amp-style circuit design

Origin Effects Chief Designer Simon Keats and his team knew this when setting the design goals for the RevivalDRIVE overdrive pedal.
So in order to create this absolute masterpiece of an overdrive pedal they designed the RevivalDRIVE by re-creating a complete and unabridged classic valve amp-style signal path, with preamplifier, phase inverter, power amp circuit and rectifier stages all recreated with all analogue electronics.
The result - the RevivalDRIVE has true valve amp-like dynamic response, touch sensitivity and overdrive characteristics including the elusive ghosting harmonics.

Two Amp circuits in one pedal

The RevivalDRIVE features two near identical amp channels - both able to deliver a wide range of classic American and British amp tones, all the way from sparkling clean to fully cranked. At default settings one channel simulates the power amp being valve rectified, while the other simulates being solid state rectified for different Sag in the power amp circuit. The valve rectified channel can be switched to simulate solid state rectification if preferred.


The Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE has intuitive controls to easily set the sound of each channel, but also lets you go deep and tweak almost every part of the circuit including preamp type, power amp breakup, power amp sag and much more. 
Check the RevivalDRIVE manual to see the controls and tweakable parameters explained. 
Powerful Post Overdrive EQ section

The powerful post overdrive EQ section of the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE lets you dial in the pedal to match your amp perfectly.

Furthermore the RevivalDRIVE has a switchable Power Amp Mode that allows you to go direct, in example into an IR-loader and out to a mixer / Front Of House, into a flat response power amp and guitar cabinet or into your DAW for recording.

Other versions

The RevivalDRIVE is also available in a Custom version, the RevivalDRIVE Custom which features a highly tweakable Custom EQ2 section, for even more control over your sound and perfect pairing to any amplifier or rig you might have. 

Specs :

  • Two channels of authentic valve amp overdrive.
  • Variable negative feedback to fine-tune breakup characteristics or boost presence.
  • Unique Ghost control recreates the “ghost note” effect encountered when cranking certain vintage amps, subtly thickening up solos.
  • Reactive overdrive design for realistic feel and authentic sound.
  • Assignable mid-boost to cut through on stage.
  • Comprehensive Re-amp EQ section to seamlessly match RevivalDRIVE to the rest of your rig.
  • Tour grade, all metal construction.
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching.
  • Supports switcher system integration.
  • Designed and built in England.
  • Input Impedance : 1 MOhm
  • Output Impedance : 1 KOhm
  • Dimensions : 16,0 x 11,8 x 6,4 cm including knobs and switches
  • Weight : 1,2 kg
  • Current Draw 120 mA
  • Power Requirements : 9V DC external power supply only (NOT INCLUDED).
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks power supplies