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Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition
Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition
Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition

Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition

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Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition Compressor

As if the feat of shrinking a Vintage Urei 1176 compressor into a guitar effect pedal for the Origin Effects Cali76 Deluxe wasn't enough - the Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition Compressor features TWO Vintage Urei 1176 compressors stacked in series within a single guitar effect pedal enclosure !! Magic and Madness I tell you ! 

With two studio-grade FET compressors in series you can get Little Feat or Joey Landreth sustain for days, or just the two legendary compressors in steries to sculpt you own personal blend and perfect compressor sound.

We tried the Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition Compressor in front of our '64 Fender Deluxe Reverb and if made everything sound better, we simply did not want to turn it off again.


Operation this pedal with an 18V power supply will give the most headroom, allowing for higher levels of compression before clipping occurs.

Specs :

  • Two independently adjustable studio-grade FET compressors in a pedal format.
  • High-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry.
  • Unique THRU control sets signal fed to second compressor stage.
  • Independent Attack/Release for each compression stage.
  • Employ parallel compression using the Dry Blend control knob.
  • Individual LED gain reduction indicators for each compressor.
  • 9 to 18V operation, for increased headroom.
  • Tour grade, all metal construction.
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching.
  • Designed and assembled by hand in England.
  • Input Impedance : 1 MOhm
  • Output Impedance : 1 KOhm
  • Current Draw : 100 mA
  • Dimensions : 14,3 x 6,6 x 6,5 cm (L x W x H) including knobs and switches
  • Weight : 620 grams
  • Power Requirement : 9-18V DC, 2,1 mm centre-negative only
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks power supplies