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Origin Effects BASSRIG ´64 Black Panel
Origin Effects BASSRIG ´64 Black Panel
Origin Effects BASSRIG ´64 Black Panel

Origin Effects BASSRIG ´64 Black Panel

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Origin Effects BassRIG ´64 Black Panel

The Origin Effects BassRIG ´64 Black Panel is a bass overdrive and preamp pedal that is an exact recreation of the Fender® Showman® and Bassman® amps of the mid-1960's along with their matching 2x15" speaker cabinets, shrunk into a tour-grade pedal with a thick metal enclosure, and ready to go on your pedalboard, on your next world tour, to your next studio session or just the next  band pratice.

The Origin Effects BassRig ´64 Black Panel can be your entire BassRIG, hence the name or you can use it to shape the tone of your existing amp or a rental/house backline amp and never be without your sound.

Analog Amp Recreation

With the BassRIG ´64 Black Panel origin Effects have used discrete all analog circuitry to recreate the entire valve amp topology of the classic original Fender® Showman® and Bassman® amps, yielding the legendary warm and gritty sound of the Soul session players from the Motown era through to the who's who of vintage Rock royalty - all in a pedal you can have in your gig-bag, as your entire rig or as a back-up. 


The BassRIG has familiar controls like Output (Volume), Drive, Bass, Middle and Treble, but it also has a Blend knob (see below) and two toogle switches.

One toogle switch is the BLK/TWD switch that switches the character of the circuit between BLK = Fender® Black Panel amps for a controlled, scooped sound, and TWD = "Tweed" spec with more gain and mids to the sound.

The other switch toggles between BRIGHT an FAT. BRIGHT gives you extra high freq content at lower Drive settings, while FAT changes the circuit from Showman® spec to the Bassman®, for more depth and warmth to the sound. Wind the gain up on the FAT mode and go to town with a raunchy almost out of control sound.

Clean Blend Control

Turning the Blend control counter clockwise allows you to blend some clean signal back into your sound, which can be used to preserve note clarity and low end in overdriven tones 

Analog cabinet simulated DI out

The BassRIG ´64 Black Panel is equipped with a balanced XLR DI out that allows you to send a direct balanced signal to FOH (Front of House) or your soundcard / DAW. The direct balanced signal includes all analog speaker simulation of a classic Fender® 2x15" speaker cabinet. Also included are toogle switches to select speaker mode and a Ground Lift.

Powerful AMP OUT EQ

You can also use the Origin Effects BassRIG ´64 Black Panel in front of you existing bass amp or a house back line / rental amp, by going out through the 1/4" jack AMP OUT and use the BassRIG as a tone shaping overdrive and preamp pedal. When using the AMP OUT jack you can use the super powerful AMP OUT EQ which is a post-drive filter with controls for LF (Low Frequencies), Horn Cut (4KHz, off or 2KhZ) and HF (High Frequencies. The AMP OUT EQ allows you to match the BassRIG ´64 Black Panel to any amplifier and cabinet to ensure that you get exactly the sound you want - every time, anywhere !    


Build Quality

Just like you would expect from Origin Effects, the BassRIG ´64 Black Panel is build like a brick sh.......  - you know what we mean !

Build quality does not get any better than this, and you can safely rely on this pedal to travel around the world with you and withstand the relentless rigors of travel and touring. 

Optional Colour matched Cali76 Compact Bass compressor:

There is hardly any good studio recording of electric bass were a high quality studio compressor was not employed, very (or maybe even most) often an Urei 1176 FET compressor.

Origin Effects got their fame from recreating that exact compressor to the Nth degree in a pedal enclosure - The Cali76 - and have a version of that tuned specifically to the frequencies that bassists need control over. Now you can even get a colour matched Cali76 Compact Bass (´64 Black Panel) to go with your Origin Effects BassRIG ´64 Black Panel. 


Specs :

  • Analogue Amp Recreation
  • Complete valve amp-style signal path with dedicated class-A preamp and push-pull output stage
  • Based on the Fender® Showman®/Bassman®
    Balanced DI output with analogue cabinet simulator based on the Fender® 2x15 cabinet
  • Reactive overdrive design simulates interaction between amp and speaker for realistic feel and authentic sound
  • Full range of vintage bass amp tones from clean to overdriven
  • Powerful tone-shaping AMP OUT EQ
  • BLEND control lets you mix your drive sound in parallel with your clean signal
  • Tour grade, all metal construction
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching
  • Designed and assembled by hand in England
  • Current Draw : 150 mA minimum
  • Dimensions : 14,6 x 9,2 x 6,4 cm (L x W x H) including knobs and switches
  • Weight : 846 grams
  • Power Requirement : 9 VDC, 2,1 mm centre-negative only
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks power supplies