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KingTone Octaland Mini Octave Fuzz
KingTone Octaland Mini Octave Fuzz
KingTone Octaland Mini Octave Fuzz

KingTone Octaland Mini Octave Fuzz

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KingTone Octaland Mini Octave Fuzz

The Kingtone Octaland Mini is not a clone of any pre-excisting octave fuzz pedal, but was designed from the ground up to produce the best, most playable and fat/pure high octave tones. 


The Octaland Mini perfectly nails the classic 'Octavia' sounds heard from Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and if you are looking for “Band Of Gypsies Tone”,  then look no further! But the Octaland Mini does so much more than just that. You can have close to clean high octave tones at low gain levels, while high gain levels will retain the high octave unlike most other pedals. The Octaland Mini is super addictive and fun to play and has tone for days, whether you're playing subtle funky leads or full on fat riffs.


The Octaland Mini has 4 knobs - Drive, Volume, Mix & Tone - and a 3-way toggle to switch between 3 EQ-settings : FullFat - Glass - Vintage.

The Drive knob has a huge sweep from almost clean to blistering and sustaining lead tone, and anything in between.

The Volume knob has a wide sweep and plenty of volume to find your sweet spot and to push the front end of your amp into breakup or overdrive if you want it to.

The Mix knob sets the mix between the pure octave tone and the base tone which can be set clean or fuzzy with the Drive knob. The Mix knob opens up a plethora of tonal options for you, so many ways to add texture or extra depth. You can go for full on high octave tones or just add a tiny amount of high octane to your favorite overdrive or fuzz pedal.

The Tone knob operates as a two way tone control. From the center position and anti-clockwise it works like the classic Octaland tone control, whereas the range from the center position and clockwise changes the voicing of the pedal altogether, offering you so many new tones to experiment with, without loosing the classic Octaland tones.

3-way toggle settings :

FullFat is great for single coils in a power-trio setting where you want to retain as much fat low end as possible

Glass is great to make the tone a bit spikier and stand out better in a setting with a full band

Vintage is just perfect for vintage rock 'n roll 

Internal switches and Bias control

The Octaland Mini has internal switches that lets you select between normal or high drive settings, and a Bias control that allows you to adjust the shape of the high octave.

Build quality

KingTone is know and loved for building not only great sounding gear from the best possible materials, but gear that is truely tour ready and will stand up to years of abuse on the road while performing flawlessly. The Octaland Mini is no different, it's superbly and beautifully build to last you a lifetime. 

Specs :

  • 100% Original Design
  • Voice Control Changes the Character And Shape Of The Octave and Fuzz Tones
  • Blend Control Mixes Between Clean/Fuzz and Octave Sounds
  • Vintage / FullFat / Glass Switch
  • Classic, No Compromise Octaland Tones
  • Beautiful Clear and Extremely Playable High Octave Tone
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • Carefully Selected And Matched Components
  • True Bypass
  • High Output
  • Internal Switches for Normal or High Drive Settings
  • Internal Bias Control Allows the Adjustment of the Shape of The High Octave
  • Almost Clean Octave Tone At Low Gain Settings
  • Retains The Octave Tone Even At High Gain settings
  • Runs on Battery or Standard 9 Volt DC Jack
  • High Quality Metal Casing
  • Easy To See White Light
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • Dimensions : 3,1 x 5,8 x 11,0 cm
  • Weight : 289 grams
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies