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Kernom MOHO - Magmatic Fuzz Station - IN STOCK
Kernom MOHO - Magmatic Fuzz Station - IN STOCK

Kernom MOHO - Magmatic Fuzz Station - IN STOCK

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Kernom MOHO - Magmatic Fuzz Station

Augmented Analog Fuzz


The Kernom MOHO Magmatic Fuzz Station is the world's first Augmented Analog Fuzz pedal.

Using Kernom's patented Analog Morphing Core technology like it's award winning sibling the Kernom Ridge, the Kernom MOHO Fuzz takes the world of fuzz to unprecedented heights, creating the most flexible fuzz pedal in the world, without compromising tonal quality.

Redefining Fuzz - all the classic sounds and then some

This game-changing pedal will allow musicians to redefine what they thought a fuzz could do, offering all the classic fuzz tones we know and love, along with countless new possibilities.

Buffer Agnostic

As the Kernom MOHO is buffer agnostic, you can place the pedal anywhere in your signal chain without thinking of whether the other pedals are buffered or not.

This also means that the Kernom MOHO works flawlessly with wireless guitar systems.

Dual Fuzz pedal

In normal stand alone use without MIDI you have 2 different fuzz sounds available to you all times; one as you switch the pedal on, and the other as a stored preset that you can engage via the preset footswitch.

MIDI controlable

Adding a midi controller and you have access to 128 instantly recallable presets of epic fuzz sounds


The MOHO features controls for: Volume, Fuzz, Pre Tone, Post Tone, Mood and Electricity.

Volume and Fuzz controls are self explanatory, they set the level of Volume and amount of Fuzz, respectively.

Pre Tone and Post Tone are EQ's placed before (Pre) and after (Post) the clipping stages, allowing you to sculpt the EQ of your fuzz tone exactly how you want it.

Mood  control lets you dial in the character of the clipping response from the Fuzz to offer an infinite range of different analog fuzz tones

Electricity adds an additional and extremely powerful character layer of the pedal, offering countless extra voicing options, from gate and velcro character to octaves and even ring modulation. 

Signal Path

The signal path is fully analog and only the preset memory and midi functionality is digital.

Construction and components

The Kernom MOHO uses only high quality components and is build at a factory that also builds electrical component for the medical industry, which requires ultra tight tolerances, so the quality control and attention to detail is second to none.

Tour Ready

The Kernom MOHO is build exceptionally well to ultra tight tolerances from high quality components. With it's 5mm thick aluminum case it's ready for any World Tour or local gig you have coming up.


ToneDoctor is extremely proud to be the exclusive dealer for Kernom in Denmark, get in touch - we'll love to ship one to you.

Specs :

  • Augmented Analog Fuzz Pedal - First in the world
  • ALL the classic fuzz tones we know and love - and much more
  • Buffer agnostic, place it anywhere in your signal chain without thinking about buffers - and use it with wireless systems without problems
  • Pre Tone and Post Toneknobs allows powerful sculpting of the tone
  • Electricity offers countless additional voiceings including gate, velco, octaves and ring modulation
  • True bypass with electromagnetical relay
  • Two sounds in stand alone mode: One onboard SAVED PRESET and One "where the knobs are set" sound
  • 128 Presets accessible by MIDI
  • MIDI IN and OUT with full control over ALL the parameters.
  • Expression pedal input
  • 5mm thick tour ready aluminum case
  • Bold "Sulphur Spark" cosmetics inspired by the design language of Modernism
  • Input Impedance 1Meg Ohm (Guitar mode) / 32k Ohm (Line Level mode) 
  • Output Impedance 100 Ohm
  • Dimensions : 11,2 x 16,4 x 5,2 cm
  • Weight : 850 gram
  • Standard 9V DC negative center power / 250mA minimum, 300mA or more recommended 
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies