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JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal
JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal
JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal
JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal
JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal

JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal

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JAM Pedals Whacko Wah Pedal 

Vintage sounding, best in class wah

The Whacko Wah is perhaps the best sounding wah available on the market. It is incredibly expressive with a great human-like vocal quality.

Proprietary bufferless design for use with fuzz pedals

JAM designed the Whacko with a proprietary bufferless design to allow it to work with even the most impedance sensitive vintage style fuzz pedals. This means that you can put your highly impedance sensitive germanium fuzz pedals after the Whacko with absolutely no issues.

6-position rotary switch, mini LED and adjustable input gain

The Whacko has a 6-position switch enabling you to switch between different frequency range options for the Whacko. A mini LED will show you the on/off status, and an internal trimmer will let you set the input gain to your liking.

Construction and components

Like all JAM pedals the Whacko is hand build in Athens, Greece, using high quality best in class parts like the legendary RED Fasel inductors, carbon-Comp resistors ect. This ensures you that the pedal is not only beautiful sounding (and looking !!), but will also stand up to heavy touring use. The list of a-list professionals that swear by the Whacko is a testament to both the sound, versatility and ruggedness of the Whacko.


The Whacko has recieved the "Guitarist Choice" and the "Vintage Guitar - Approved Gear" awards.

User list includes among others:

Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Nile Rodgers, Richie Sambora, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Jonny Lang, Cesar Rosas, Dweezil Zappa, Greg Koch, Bernie Marsden, Julien Kasper, Kirk Fletcher, John Medeski, Sean Ono Lennon, Alex Skolnick, Oz Noy

“I love the sweep of the Wahcko, very vocal like and sweet! What a fantastic wah!” Steve Lukather

"JAM pedals make the best wah pedal of all time as far as I’m concerned. It has more dexterity than anything else. Best wah-wah I’ve ever had and I’ve had a bunch of them!" Richie Sambora

"I’m a mad user of JAM pedals! I probably have more Wahckos than anybody in the world! The reason I use Wahckos is because of expression.  The moment I played a Wahcko, the type of expression was undeniable. It was so human-like in a way that it just touched my soul." Nile Rodgers

“The Wahcko is fantastic! Now I finally have a great wah-wah pedal! Bill Frisell


  • JAM Pedals Whacko Wah pedal
  • RED Fasel inductor
  • Carbon-Comp resistors
  • 6-position rotary switch for different frequency sweep range options
  • Mini LED 
  • Internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions : 25,7 x 12,5 x 7,0 cm
  • Weight : 1700 grams
  • Standard 9V battery or 9V DC Negative power only, Power consumption 5mA - Battery NOT included, Power Supply sold separately
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies