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Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive - MIDI

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive - MIDI

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Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive

The Jackson Audio Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive was designed in collaboration with Joey Landreth, to be the ultimate transparent overdrive pedal.

"The bluesbreaker circuit has been my favorite overdrive circuit forever. I have a collection of clones that I love. The Golden Boy takes that classic tasteful circuit, adds some 3D depth, marries it with the modern ideas of Brad Jackson, and turns it into an absolute Swiss Army knife for just about any pedalboard." — Joey Landreth


The design is based on a King of Tone / Bluesbreaker style sound with an additional foot-switchable MOSFET boost circuit in front of it.

Boost Circuit:

The boost is placed in front of the overdrive circuit in its own bypass loop, meaning that it can be used independently of the overdrive. The Boost is based on the universally loved MOSFET Boost (Amp Mode) of Jacksons Audio's Prism pedal.

The Boost circuit features 4 presets with different EQ's :

1. AQUA - Tailored Boost

2. YELLOW - Bright Boost

3. GREEN - Mid Boost

4. BLUE - Full Range Boost


Overdrive Circuit:

4 selectable clipping modes of the Diodes

For tonal versatility and flexible tone shaping the Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive features 4 selectable types of diode clipping modes for the overdrive circuit:

1. GREEN - TS-808 Style with the classic TS-808 drive and compression

2. MAGENTA - Asymmetric High Gain using 3 diodes, clipping the top and bottom of your waveform differently for complex and interesting rhythm tones

3. BLUE - Symmetrical High Gain using 4 symmetrical diodes, clipping the top and bottom evenly for a focused direct sound

4. AMBER - Gov'nor Style is less compressed like a vintage Marshall

Active 3 EQ stack

To add further to the tremondous versatility of the Golden Boy it has a active Baxandall type EQ making the Bass, Middle an Treble knobs way more effective than normal and offering you the possibility to sculpt you tone  exactly how you want it and to take this classic overdrive circuit in new directions and sculpt entirely new tones. 

Gain Cycle

The Golden Boy features Gain Cycling which lets you cycle through 4 gain settings of respectively 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% gain of where your set the gain control. Each of these 4 steps can have the additional boost engaged or disengaged, for ever more tonal options.

MIDI Control

The Golden Boy offers MIDI control of all knobs, on/off and boost. 

Specs :

  • Joey Landreth Signature Overdrive and Distortion Pedal - MIDI
  • MIDI Capable /Switchable
  • Handbuild in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions : (D x W x H) 12,3 x 6,8 x 7,0 cm (Height including knobs)
  • Weight : 316 grams
  • Power requirement : 9V DC, center negative (Power Supply sold separately) / 150 mA
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies
  • Warrenty : Lifetime warrenty as per manufactures webside