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Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI
Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI
Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI
Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI

Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI

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Jackson Audio Bloom v2 Compressor, EQ & Boost/Sustain - MIDI

The Jackson Audio Bloom v2 is a LA-2A style optical compressor in a guitar pedal enclosure. While that is fantastic as the LA-2A is one of the most legendary studio compressors of all time, the Bloom v2 is so much more than that.

Channel Strip for guitar

If fact the Jackson Audio Bloom v2 is more like a complete Channel strip for guitar with compression, EQ and boost/sustain (Bloom) just like you would have in a studio / recording situation or like the guitar sound had on your favorite song or album. With the Jackson Audio Bloom v2 you can use all of the elements in the channel strip together or choose which one(s) you like engaged at any one time.

The Bloom v2 will let you set up your guitar sound just like you want it for your rig - and make using a rental amp /spare amp / somebody elses rig in a pinch much more enjoyable.  

LA-2A style Optical compressor

The compressor circuit in the Bloom v2 actually contain not one but two compressors and 6 different compressor modes (se below) in order to offer you the perfect compression chioce for any style or application.

Controls for the compressor are : Volume, Blend and Comp  corresponding to Volume is self-explanatory, Blend lets you blend the clean unaffected sound back into the compressed sound, Comp is the compression threshold knob.

Compressor Modes:

1. WHITE - Limit Mode, ultra fast attack (2,5ms), clamps any signal and acts like a limiter

2. GREEN - Country mode, fast attack (7,5ms) perfect for chicken picking or modern country

3. MAGENTA - R n' B Mode, medium attack (50ms), great for staccato rhythm

4. BLUE - Ballad Mode, slow attack (120ms) adds gentle lift and beautiful sustain to the end of a phrase 

5. AQUA - Slide Mode (AKA Joey Landreth mode), engages two compressors in series for Lowell George (Little Feat) style "endless" sustain on clean guitar parts. The second "internal" (Aux) compressor is before the primary compressor in the signal chain. The controls for the "internal" compressors Comp and Volume are on internal trimpots.

6. ORANGE - Aux (Internal) Compressor Mode

Active 3 EQ stack

The Bloom v2 offers you tremendous versatility and control over your sound with its 3-band active Baxandall type EQ with a midrange bell filter and high and low shelving filters making it possible to sculpt you tone exactly how you want it. The EQ range is finely tuned to the frequencies that guitarist need the most control over.

Boost - Bloom Circuit

The Bloom circuit is both a level booster and a sustainer. The Bloom knob sets the level of the boost & sustain. The color of LED over the Bloom footswitch changes depending on where the knob is set at.

Bloom Function:

You can decide to have the Bloom just go on/off with a short press on the Bloom footswitch, or you can hold the footswitch and have the boost and sustain Bloom up to the level that you have set the Bloom knob to, hold the footswitch again to make the boost and sustain Bloom out again. The time it takes to bloom up to where the Bloom knob is set at (and down again) can easily be programmed on the pedal. 

MIDI Control

The Jackson Audio Bloom v2 offers MIDI control of all knobs, on/off and boost on/off (not the Bloom function though).  

Specs :

  • MIDI controlable optical Compressor (LA-2A style) with additional EQ and Bloom (Boost & Sustain) effect 
  • Handbuild in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions :  (D x W x H) 12,3 x 6,8 x 7,0 cm (Height including knobs and switches )
  • Weight : 350 g
  • Power requirement : 9V DC, center negative (Power Supply sold separately) / 300mA
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies
  • Warrenty : Lifetime warrenty as per manufactures webside