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Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI
Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI

Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI

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Jackson Audio Asabi Overdrive - MIDI

The MIDI capable Asabi is the Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive and Distortion Pedal from Jackson Audio.

This pedal is not just one of the best sounding overdrive and distortion pedals on the marked, it is definitely also one of the most versatile pedals, suitable for almost any genre of music. 

Distortion Circuit:

4 Selectable Clipping Modes / Presets:

1. AMBER - Gov'nor Style - open and less compressed like a vintage Marshall 

2. GREEN - TS-808 Style - with the classic overdrive sound and compression of the TS-808

3. BLUE - Asymmetric High Gain - using three diodes asymmetrically to clip the top end and bottom differently for complex and interesting sounds

4. MAGENTA - Symmetrical High Gain - using four symmetrical diodes for clipping the top end and bottom evenly for a focused and direct sound

Normally changing clipping modes would mean clear changes in volumen, but as the Jackson Audio Asabi is designed for live and studio use alike, the relative volume between the clipping modes have been normalized so you can change clipping mode live on stage or during a recording without experiencing drops or spikes in volume. 

Gain Cycle

By using the Jackson Audio exclusive Gain Cycle feature you can ramp up the gain of distortion circuit in 25% increments of where the gain knob is set. So the Gian knob position corresponds to max gain / 100% gain, and gian cycle lets you cycle through 255, 50%, 75% and 100% of that, leaving you way more tonal options than on a normal pedal. 

Active 3-Band EQ

The Asabi features an extremely powerful active 3-band EQ of the Baxandall type, which allaw you to sculpt your tone with ultimate flexibility and extreme precistion at the same time. 

Changeable Analog Plug-Ins

For even more tonal options you can change the hardware Analog Plug-In circuit board of the distortion circuit for another one in example the Large Mouse (think...something that rimes with CAT ,-) Analog Plug-In and it's like you just got an entirely new hi-end pedal on the cheap.


Overdrive Circuit:

As Mateus Asato is an extremely tasteful "feel" player the overdrive circuit in the Asabi was created to be a very touch sensitive and transparent, without an "inherrent mid-hump".

It's simply your sound pushed perfectly.

The overdrive circuit is placed in its own bypass loop, allowing you to use the overdrive independently of the distortion circuit or if you choose to stack the overdrive into the distortion for a myriad of epic tonal options. 

4 Selectable Clipping Modes / Presets:

To further increase the overdrive circuits tonal versatility and to allow you to sculpt your prefect sound, the overdrive circuit has the same 4 selectable clipping options as the distortion circuit:

1. AMBER - vintage Marshall 

2. GREEN - TS-808 Style

3. BLUE - Asymmetric

4. MAGENTA - Symmetrical


MIDI Control

The Golden Boy offers MIDI control of all knobs, on/off and boost.    

Specs :

  • Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive and Distortion Pedal - MIDI
  • MIDI capable / Switchable
  • Handbuild in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions :  (D x W x H) 12,3 x 6,8 x 7,0 cm (Height including knobs)
  • Weight : 325 grams
  • Power requirement : 9V DC, center negative (Power Supply sold separately) / 160mA
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies
  • Warrenty : Lifetime warrenty as per manufactures webside