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DanDrive Working Man Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz Face style

DanDrive Working Man Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz Face style

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DanDrive Working Man Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz Face Style

The DanDrive WORKING MAN Fuzz is a great Silicon Fuzz Face style fuzz, tweaked for playing LOUD into classic tube amps, and with switchable vintage silicon transistors. A mini toogle switches it between 2x BC109c or 1 x BC183c.

The WORKING MAN fuzz is build by for OWEN BARRY.
Owen asked DanDrive for a fuzz that works the way he needs it to. Owen does not need a huge amount of tweaking options, just the important things like level, fuzz and a bias knob. To give the Working Man Fuzz a bit more tonal flexibility, DanDrive added a mini-toggle  to switch between silicon transistors from 2x BC109c to 1x BC183C (or the other way around). The BC183c change the midrange in a way OWEN loves. The WORKING MAN Fuzz is the only fuzz in our line with the famous BC109c transistors. The output is in line with the most classy vintage silicon fuzzes.

- the WORKING MAN fuzz comes only in the red/black relic style -


  • KNOBS: level, fuzz, bias
  • Jewel amp light
  • True bypass
  • 2x BC109c transistors (mini toggle)
  • 1x BC183c (mini toggle)
  • 1x mini toggle - This mini switch change between one BC109c and a BC183c to achive a different midrange in the tone Owen loves
  • 125B enclosure (size differs sometimes about 1-2mm, depending on the manufacturer)
  • IN and OUT jacks on top
  • 9v DC jack on top
  • 9v battery use (Batt. not included)
  • 9v DC power supply, center negative (not included)

Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies or KingTone Battery Box