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Curt Mangan Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings 9-42

Curt Mangan Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings 9-42

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Curt Mangan Strings are hand-crafted

premium boutique guitar strings, made to the highest possible standards in Cortez, Colorado, USA since 2004.

Curt Mangan strings are widely recognized as some of the absolutely best strings in the world, and used by some of the most discerning players in the world like Matt Schofield, Allen Hinds, G.E. Smith, Alex Weeden, Boo Massey and many more.

They are also the favored string brand for Mick Taylor and Daniel Steinhard of "That Pedal Show".  

The Curt Mangan Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Set is the ToneDoctor crews favorite set for Fender and Fender-style guitars.

About Pure Nickel strings:

In the Fifties and during most of the Sixties Pure Nickel wound strings were used exclusively on the guitars build during those pivotal years for guitar design.

The Pure Nickel Wound strings has a warmer more vintage tone than modern nickel-plated strings and as a result they are preferred by many blues and rock artists and players.

Pure Nickel Wound strings are hand-crafted, with a Pure Nickel alloy wrapped around a hex-shaped core wire made from tin-plated high carbon steel - same as the plain strings, except hex-shaped.

Gauges: 9-11-16-24w-32-42

String Length: 43 inches