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Cornerstone NERO Fuzz Pedal
Cornerstone NERO Fuzz Pedal

Cornerstone NERO Fuzz Pedal

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Cornerstone NERO Fuzz Pedal

The Cornerstone NERO Fuzz Pedal represents the new evolution to "V3" pedals from Cornerstone.

Forget about classic fuzz circuits.

The NERO is new and originally developed fuzz circuit followed by an entire
Gladio SC built in!

When you step on the pedal both circuits turn on at the same time, giving you that cool effect of stacking the fuzz with another drive!
There's a knob called Comp that manages the compression at any time. This is
actually the Clean knob of the Gladio SC but with a fuzz in front it isn't clean
anymore. Its effect is to change the overall compression. There are also two
independent biases controls (called voices). So you can go from rough/gritty
fuzz to full big fuzzish overdrive.

So the distinctive features of the Nero are as follows:

1) Having a fuzz that allows you to use the gain control at any position and not just by cranking it up to the maximum like common fuzz pedals.
2) Having a sufficiently high input impedance to be placed anywhere in the pedalboard while still producing a warm and full fuzz tone.
3) Maintaining constant control over the level of compression at all times.
4) Being able to switch from a gritty and raw fuzz sound to a thick and full overdrive instantly with a simple footswitch.
5) Achieving both a gated fuzz sound and clean up under certain conditions.

 Specs :

  • Cornerstones interpretation of the perfect Fuzz with a Gladio SC build in - always on and after the Fuzz circuit
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Comp, Tone,
    Voice 1 Voice 2.
  • Switches: Bypass, Voice
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions : 120mm x 67mm x 39,5mm
  • Weight : 250 gram
  • Current draw: 90 MA
  • Standard 9V DC Negative power supply
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies