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Cornerstone Gladio SC Single Channel Overdrive Silver

Cornerstone Gladio SC Single Channel Overdrive Silver

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Cornerstone Gladio SC Single Channel Overdrive Silver

The Cornerstone Gladio SC (Single Channel) is a single channel pedal that features the 1st or left channel of the Gladio Double Preamp pedal with an added Blend control that blends the clean signal into the overdrive tone of the Gladio. 

Available in either the classic Silver listed here or in Black listed here.


The Gladio SC can sound just like the left side of the Gladio Double Preamp, but by utilizing the Compression switch and the Blend knob the pedal can do so much more - including a very dynamic and touch sensitive Texas blues sound that perfectly nails the elusive SRV sound !

The Gladio SC will be your "Pride and Joy" for light-medium overdrive and Texas blues playing. 

Here's what Cornerstone says about the Cornerstone Gladio SC :

Gladio SC (single channel), is designed to offer the same sound of the "big brother" Gladio but in a smaller and compact size.

While the Gladio double channel was inspire by the artists like Robben Ford and Sonny Landreth, the Gladio SC tries to take a step closer to the Steve Ray Vaughan sound, which was achieved using a Dumble amplier too.

The Gladio SC is based on the Gladio 1st channel, with the exact same sound and controls, except the new CLEAN knob. This addition makes a very big dfference, and it's the one that could actually make the sound be closer to SRV.; the clean signal is taken directly at the input of the pedal and mixed back with the overdriven signal at the output, the CLEAN knob thus manages the volume of the clean signal. with the result of having a "clean layer" on top of the overdrive sound, which help a lot to achieve that texas-blues sound.

A Clean knob like this affects 3 parameters all at once (you can notice their change sweeping the Clean from zero to even a 40% rotation):
- Bottom End: the sound becomes fatter
- Compression: The non-compressed clean sound comes into the mix, and the change in compression is particularly accentuated on the attack.
- Saturation: When the clean sound comes into the mix the final output sound becomes hotter, and it’s able to better push the front end of the amp.

  Specs :

  • Cornerstone Gladio Single Channel Overdrive
  • Captures the magic of the Dumble amp sound
  • Controls for Volume, Gain, Tone and Clean (mix)
  • Clean mix control for blending the clean signal into the overdrive tone
  • Dimensions : 3,9 x 12,0 x 6,5 cm
  • Weight 273 grams
  • Standard 9V DC Negative center power only
  • Power Supply NOT included, sold separately.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies