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Cornerstone Colosseum Dual Overdrive Pedal
Cornerstone Colosseum Dual Overdrive Pedal

Cornerstone Colosseum Dual Overdrive Pedal

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Cornerstone Colosseum Dual Overdrive Pedal

This pedal is very interesting in a number of ways - first off it's insanely good sounding ! Secondly it offers not just one, but two of the absolute most coverted overdrive circuits in one pedal, and thirdly it is the first "community" pedal by Cornerstone.

The Cornerstone community of players and artists voted for this pedal, and decided that Cornerstone should bring it to life - a dual overdrive pedal with a Klon circuit on one side and a BluesBreaker circuit on the other side. The community basically voted for and decided everything about this pedal right down to the color.

Klon & the BluesBreaker and called it a day. Instead they tweaked both circuits to perfection to present Cornerstones interpretation of these legendary circuits and added extra features to make each circuit even better and more versatile.

The BluesBreaker side

The BluesBreaker circuit was tweaked by removing the clipping diodes and by tweaking the tone controls, which fixed the BluesBreakers issues such as low volume and a somewhat dark tone. Furthermore Cornerstone added their signature "Clean" control from the Gladio SC, which adds some clean signal on top of the overdrive sound, adding tonal versatility, touch sensitivity and restores the tight bottom end of your original clean signal.

The Klon side

The Klon circuit was left mostly unchanged, including two correct "mythical" 1N34A Germanium diodes, measured for correct forward voltage - so a perfect reproduction of the mythical Klon circuit with the correct 1N34A Germanium diodes without the 8000 $ US price tag - Whats not to like ??

Well, there is nothing to dislike about that, but Cornerstone added a very cool feature - the Clip Blender - to that perfect reproduction, to make it so much more than "just" a perfect reproduction of the mythical Klon. The clip blender is a blend circuit with a potentiometer, that lets you choose between the "mythical" 1N34A Germanium diodes at the full counter clockwise position (left) or a pair of hand selected silicon diodes at the fully clockwise position (right) - or a relative mix of these at all the settings in-between. Utilizing the Clip Blender function offers you a vast range of tonal flexibility and new unique flavors of Klon tones, while giving you a perfect recreation of the original mythical Klon circuit.

Ultimate flexibility like standalone pedals, optimized for loop systems

Cornerstone pulled all the stops when designing this pedal, there is a mini switch that lets you decide the order of the circuits inside the pedal, so you can choose to go Klon -> BB or BB -> Klon which offers extreme versatility to you sounds when using the Colosseum as a regular pedal. But Cornerstone have gone even further and have added separate in- and output jacks for each side or circuit of the pedal - essentially making it two separate pedals in one box. This means that you can place each side / circuit of the pedal anywhere you would like in your signal chain, so you can put other pedals in between the Klon and the BluesBreaker side should you wish to. Also this makes the Colosseum perfect for integrating it into a loop system setup as you can place each side in an individual loop and in the order that you'd like.

 Specs :

  • Cornerstone Colosseum Dual Overdrive
  • Dual overdrive pedal - Klon & BluesBreaker circuits
  • Perfect recreation of the mythical Klon circuit including two correct "mythical" 1N34A Germanium diodes
  • Klon side Clip Blender circuit : Blends between 2 "mythical" 1N34A Germanium diodes and 2 hand selected silicon diodes
  • Cornerstones interpretation of the perfect BluesBreaker circuit with removed clipping diodes and tweaked tone controls 
  • Mini switch to decide the signal flow : Klon -> BB or BB -> Klon
  • Separate in & out jacks for each side of the pedal, allowing you to use it as two separate pedals in your setup, whether that is a classic pedalboard setup or a loop system setup.
  • Dimensions : 4,1 x 9,3 x 11,9 cm
  • Weight : 440 gram
  • Standard 9V DC Negative power supply
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies