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Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit

Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit

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Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit

Stand-alone version of the Cioks 4 Expander

Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit is a stand-alone version of the Cioks 4 Expander Kit with an included power adaptor, so it can be used on its own without being linked to the Cioks DC-7.

This makes it a super compact and super powerful power supply for up to 4 pedals, delivering 660mA at 9V of isolated and regulated power to each of the 4 output, each of which have selectable voltages between 9, 12, 15 and 18V. 

USB-C input 

Furthermore USB-C input makes it possible to power the Cioks 4 from a power bank or a USB-C power supply.

Can be used as expander for Cioks DC7

With the optional EIAJ link cable the Cioks 4 Adaptor kit can be connected to the DC7 power supply and be an expander of the DC-7Check the description of the Cioks Expander Kit elsewhere on this site for additional information and specs on this.


The Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit features the same sleek "1-inch" profile as the DC-7, 8 Expander and 4 Expander for easy pedalboard mounting.

The Cioks Mini GRIP Bracket has been developed specifically for mounting the Cioks 4 under a Pedaltrain Nano+, Metro, Classic, Novo or Terra pedalboard without having to drill any holes. 


Specs :

  • Cioks 4 Adaptor Kit
  • Power supply included
  • 4 Isolated DC outlets
  • 660mA from each outlet @9V DC
  • 4 selectable voltages for each outlet (9, 12, 15, 18V)
  • USB-C input facilitates powering the Cioks 4 from a power bank or a USB-C power supply
  • Cable kit included
  • Dimensions : 2,5 x 7,4 x 8,8 cm
  • Weight 230 grams
  • 5 year Worldwide warranty from Cioks