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Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost
Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost
Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost
Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost
Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost

Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost

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Browne Amplification The Fixer - Buffer & Dual Boost

The Browne Amplification The Fixer pedal is a “ Swiss Army Knife” problem solver and tone enhancer for your pedal board.

It’s the unsung hero that makes the rest of your rig shine, sing and sound it’s very best, as it fixes many of the problems that normally plaques pedal boards - That’s why it’s called the Fixer.

The Fixer brings a lot of useful features to you pedalboard as it is in part a super high quality and great sounding buffer and a foot switchable dual boost pedal that also has a mute switch and an always active tuner out.


The buffer in The Fixer is always on to tackle impedance issues and provide a strong, clean, dynamic and noiseless signal through your entire pedalboard and onwards to the rest of your rig.

The Fixers buffer is super high quality and frankly one of if not the best sounding buffer we’ve ever experienced.

So, signal loss in your pedalboard - FIXED

Foot-switchable dual Boost

The Fixer has a dual boost circuit build in.

Each boost has it’s own volume knob and there is an A/B footswitch to switch between the two boost settings.

Why, you ask? - Well you can use it in different ways depending on your setup and your needs.

You can of cause use it as a simple volume boost for parts that needs to stand out in the mix, for solos and to push the input section of your other pedals or a tube amp.

However, you can also use it to balance the volume between two guitars with different outputs - in example a strat with low output vintage style single coils and a Les Paul or another humbucker equipped guitar. You can then either boost the volume of the guitar with the lowest output or you can cut the volume of the guitar with the highest output - or a bit of both.

Both boosts are at unity gain (same volume as bypassed) in the 12 o’clock setting.

So, volume problems using guitars with different pick-up types or output levels - FIXED

Tuner Out

The always on Tuner Out allows you to get the tuner and it’s cables isolated and out of your signal path to avoid signal degradation, while at the same time allowing the tuner to be active all of the time.

Want to tune in silence - use the Mute switch, the Tuner Out is always on

Signal degradation from an tuner in the signal path, always on tuner and the ability to tune with your rig muted - FIXED

Mute Switch

The Fixer also has a Mute Switch which comes in very handy in a number of situations, including muting your rig

  • when changing guitars
  • when tuning
  • between songs
  • when you are off stage

Need to mute your rig during the gig - FIXED


The Fixer might not be the most exotic or sexy pedal on your pedalboard, but just like a top tier power supply - once you’ve had it on your board, and experienced the difference it makes to the sound of your entire setup and how many problem it fixes - you’ll never want to be without it again.

That’s why it’s called The Fixer !

 Specs :

  • Super high quality and superb sounding Buffer
  • Dual Foot-switchable Dual Boost, both sides has the ability to cut or boost. 12 o'clock setting is unity gain.
  • Isolated always on Tuner Out
  • Mute Switch
  • Controls - 2 Volume Knobs (one for each boost), 2 Foot-Switches (1 A/B Foot-Switch to choose which boost is active, 1 Mute Foot-Switch)
  • Dimensions : 5,2 x 12,2 x 6,6 cm
  • Weight : 291 grams
  • Power : Standard 9V DC negative center power / 10mA
  • Power Supply NOT included, sold separately.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies