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Browne Amplification Protein Dual Overdrive White
Browne Amplification Protein Dual Overdrive White
Browne Amplification Protein Dual Overdrive White

Browne Amplification Protein Dual Overdrive White

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Protein Dual Overdrive

The Protein Dual Overdrive pedal from Browne Amplification is one of the best and most versatile boutique overdrive pedals on the market today.

It was created as a collaboration between David Brown of Browne Amplification and guitarist/producer Adam Sniegowski to be your perfect companion for both studio and live work, regardless of your backline amp.


The pedal draws its inspiration from two classic circuits that sounds great on their own but also stacks beautifully with each other and other overdrives. The two circuits are represented as the Blue and the Green side of the Protein Dual Overdrive. 

The Blue side is a tweaked and optimized version of the venerable Bluesbreaker circuit famously loved and used by John Mayer on the "Continuum" album. The optimizations preserve the soul of the original circuit, but include a tweaked tone knob control and addressing the low output of the original circuit.

The Green side is a re-envisioned version of the green classic "Nashville" pedal (original version of Nobels ODR-1) famously used by monster players as diverse as Tim Pierce, Guthrie Trapp, Jerry McPherson and John Shanks. The optimizations include added mids to cut better in a mix, eliminating some woofiness in the bottom end and lowering the amount of gain in the circuit to make the gain control useable through its entire sweep.

The third "Secret" channel - Stacking the Green side into the Blue side yields a great lead sound that's full and fat while preserving note clarity and never turning mushy.

Protein Drive Ver. 2.2 - For use with loop systems and switchers

Version 2.2 of the Protein has been optimized to be as useful in loop system or switcher setups like the ones from RJM Music (link) as it is on a normal pedal board.

To use the Protein Dual Overdrive this way, remove the back plate of the pedal, flick the two dip switches inside down to the "Split" position, and connect TRS (tip-ring-sleve) Y-cables to the Input and the Output of the pedal.

The Tip is input/send from your loop system, the Ring is the output/return form your loop system.

The Input on the Protein Dual Overdrive is the in-out of the Green side and the Output on the Protein Dual Overdrive is the in-out of the Blue side.

This listing is for the White version, but the Protein Dual Overdrive pedal is also available in Green and in Black.

 Specs :

  • Browne Amplification Protein Dual Overdrive White
  • Green side inspired by the green classic "Nashville" pedal (original version of Nobels ODR-1)
  • Blue side inspired by the bluesbreaker pedal
  • "Secret" third channel - Green side stacked into Blue side
  • Ver. 2.2 optimized for use with loop systems 
  • Controls for Level, Gain and Tone for each side
  • Dimensions : 12,1 x 9,5 x 5,1 cm
  • Weight : 391 grams
  • Standard 9V DC negative center power / 50 mA
  • Power Supply NOT included, sold separately.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies