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Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black
Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black
Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black
Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black

Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black

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Browne Amplification Carbon X Dual Overdrive Black

The Carbon X is the new dual overdrive from Browne Amplification.


It was created after David Ryan Harris (Solo artist and guitarist in John Mayer's band), asked for a dual overdrive pedal, where both sides were based on the Blue side of the Browne Amplification Protein, which is a tweaked and optimized version of the venerable Bluesbreaker circuit, which is famously loved and used by John Mayer from the "Continuum" album and onwards.

The blue side of the Protein has already found it's way to the single pedal format in the Browne Amplification Carbon.

Both it's sides / channels are based of the Browne Amplification Carbon, which is Blue side of the Protein.

New for Carbon X

When creating the Carbon X , Dan Brown - Founder and chief wizard - of Browne Amplification took things further than just putting two Browne Amplification Carbon circuits in a dual pedal enclosure.

Instead the right side of the Carbon X was tweaked to showcase the more raw and gritty side of the Bluesbreaker circuit, with a little sag and less headroom and sheen.

The left side, had a high cut added via a 3-way mini toggle, to tame the high end and to help enhance the tonal palette of the Bluesbreaker circuit - and finally to ensure that the two sides of the Carbon X stacks beautifully.

The Carbon X is truly an expression and inspiration machine in the world of overdrive.

Carbon X - Optimized for use with loop systems and switchers

The Carbon X has been optimized to just as useful in a loop system setup, as it is on a normal pedalboard setup.

To achieve this you can split the two sides / channels for use in loop systems or switcher setups, like in example the Morningstar ML10X, the Morningstar ML5  or any other loop system / switcher.

To use the Carbon X Overdrive this way, simply remove the back plate of the pedal, flick the two dip switches inside down to the "Split" position, and connect TRS (tip-ring-sleve) Y-cables to the Input and the Output of the pedal.

The Tip is input/send from your loop system, the Ring is the output/return form your loop system.


Specs :

  • Browne Amplification Carbon X Overdrive Green
  • Both sides are inspired by the bluesbreaker pedal
  • Both sides optimized and tweaked for better sound
  • "Secret" third channel - The Right side stacks perfectly into the Left side 
  • Left side has 3-way high cut to tame highs via mini toggle 
  • Optimized for use with loop systems
  • Controls for Level, Gain and Tone for each side
  • Dimensions : 12,1 x 9,5 x 5,1 cm
  • Standard 9V DC negative center power
  • Power Supply NOT included, sold separately.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies