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Browne Amplification T4 Fuzz

Browne Amplification T4 Fuzz

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The Browne Amplification T4 Fuzz Pedal


The T4 Fuzz pedal is Browne Amplifications re-envisioned take on a classic 4 transistor Fuzz pedal circuit, reminiscent of the best of the classic Big Muff circuits.


David Brown of Browne Amplification is a huge Big Muff fan - especially of the RAMs head variations. David has spend years studying the different variations of the Big Muff circuit and what made them unique and sound the way they do. This almost obsessive study of the classic 4 transistor fuzzes and numerous prototypes laid the foundation for the ultimative re-envisioned 4 transistor fuzz - The T4 Fuzz pedal


The T4 Fuzz has a flattened EQ curve compaired to the classic Big Muff circuit, allowing for much more mids in the T4 Fuzz, which as a result cuts much better through in a mix. Gone are the days where your guitar sound disappears when you engage your fuzz for your big solo - with the T4 Fuzz pedal your guitar will stand tall and proud in the mix.

The treble response has also been softened slightly, so the T4 Fuzz works much better into a clean Fender type amplifier than a traditional Big Muff does.

Furthermore the gain is softened up in the T4 Fuzz so it's not as harsh sounding and much smoother fuzz tones are available than in the classic Big Muffs.

But make no mistake the T4 will not only do smooth fuzz tones, it can go from soft and smooth fuzz tones to the ferocious roar of the best of the classic 4 transistor fuzzes of yesteryear.

Specs :

  • T4 Fuzz Pedal
  • Classic 4 transister Fuzz design similar to the best vintage Big Muffs
  • Tweaked and optimized circuit design compared to the original circuits
  • Flattend EQ, better mids, more cut in a mix
  • Smooth to ferocious fuzz tones
  • Controls for Level, Sustain and Tone
  • Dimensions : 12,2 x 6,7 x 4,1 cm
  • Standard 9V DC negative center power
  • Power Supply NOT included, sold separately.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies