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Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp 2021 Spec.
Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp 2021 Spec.
Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp 2021 Spec.

Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp 2021 Spec.

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Victory V4 Guitar amps 2022 spec vs 2021 spec.

Victory have just updated the V4 Guitar Amp pedal range to include not only the Duchess and the Kraken, but now also the Copper, the Sheriff and the Jack.

The feature set for these 2022 spec. V4 Guitar Amp Pedals have been aligned across the range to include Two Notes IR technology and a headphone out.

If you do not need these features, then here is your chance to save 2000,- kr. dk. (approx 270 €) on this 2021 spec. V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp pedal compared to the 2022 spec. V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp pedal, and even save 846 over our regular best in EU price.

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Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp pedal

The Victory V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp pedal is a professional guitar amplifier with full 3-band EQ section, reverb and tremolo - all in a pedal format that you can take anywhere.

All Tube preamp with 180W power amp

The V4 The Duchess Amp has an all tube preamp coupled with a powerful 180W solid state power amp @4Ohms (90W @8 Ohms and 45W @16 Ohms).  

Perfect Pedal Platform

The V4 The Duchess Amp can overdrive the preamp, but the design intension is for huge clean headroom and flawless integration with your normal pedals, just like you would expect form a professional grade tube amp. Best of all it fits perfectly on your pedal board.

It has great sounding lush digital reverb, a wonderful tremolo that is remote-switchable, a series effects loop and a balanced line out.

Direct Rig or Recording with IR's

The V4 The Duchess Amp does not need to be connected to a speaker cabinet to be operated safely, so the balanced line out enables you to pair the V4 The Duchess Amp with your favorite speaker IR's either in an IR-loader or your DAW for a perfect direct rig or direct recording, while preserving your Victory tone. You can also send a direct signal from the balanced line out to FOH ( Front of House) via an IR-loader and power your favorite speaker cab on stage for your own monitoring and the best of two worlds.

9V DC power output for your pedals

An added bonus for your pedal board rig is that the V4 The Duchess Amp has a 9V DC power out so you can power your other pedals up to a maximum of 500mA (centre negative only).

So V4 The Duchess Amp is clearly extremely versatile and portable - Best of all it sounds as good as it looks.

Consider pairing it with the standard  V112-CC Celestion Creamback loaded speaker cabinet or the wide body premium  V112-WC-75 Celestion H-75 Creamback loaded speaker cabinet.

Specs :

  • Single channel guitar amplifier head / pedal
  • Preamp valves : 1 x EC900, 3 x CV4014
  • Power amp output : 180W @ 4 ohms (approx 90W @ 8 ohms, 45W @ 16 ohms)
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Reverb
  • Tremolo
  • Remote switching for trem
  • Series FX loop
  • Balanced DI out on TRS 6.3mm jack
  • Additional 9V DC power outlet for pedals etc (maximum total current 500mA, centre-negative)
  • 225(w) x 175(h) x 100mm(d) mm including feet & knobs
  • Weight : 1.7kg