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NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive (Native Audio)
NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive (Native Audio)
NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive (Native Audio)

NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive (Native Audio)

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NativeAudio Kiaayo Boost & Overdrive

The NativeAudio Kiaayo Boost & Overdrive is an tube amp-like overdrive pedal, choke full of touch sensitive dynamics and sustain.

Perfect for solos and cording alike.


Full description coming soon !!


  • NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive pedal
  • Adaptable-gain configuration creates usable overdrive tones for a diverse range of instruments and musical styles.
  • Pre-gain filter reduces aggressive harmonics to provide a warm and smooth overdrive experience.
  • Asymmetrical clipping that is tuned to provide a dynamic tube-like response.
  • Intuitive interface with volume, gain, and tone controls for total customization of overdrive tones.
  • 9-18VDC operation provides adjustable headroom for additional overdrive capabilities.
  • Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.
  • Top-mounted instrument and power jacks to save pedal board space.
  • Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.
  • Dimensions:  6,6 x 12,1 cm
  • Weight:
  • Power: 9-18VDC, 22mA (center negative)Power Supply sold separately

  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies