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KingTone Vintage Fuzz

KingTone Vintage Fuzz

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KingTone Vintage Fuzz

Jesse Davey of KingTone have created a true masterpiece of a Fuzz pedal with the Vintage Fuzz. The Vintage Fuzz is, quite frankly, possibly The Best Fuzz Pedal Ever Made !

4 Vintage Germanium Transistors - AC128 & NKT275

The Vintage Fuzz has no less than 4 vintage Germanium transistors, two AC128 and two NKT275. It uses two of these in its circuit at any time. Two mini switches enables you to choose which type of transistors are used in the circuit at any given time, which opens up huge tonal possibilities. The NKT275’s gives a bright aggressive fuzz tone, whereas the AC128’s offers a smoother and softer fuzz with slightly lower gain. You can also use a mixture of NKT275s and AC128s for even more tone options.

Internal switches for more tonal options

The Vintage Fuzz has several internal switches that allows you to further sculpt the tone of the pedal. One of these allows for switching between classic vintage or extended bass response, another switches between vintage output levels or boosted output, the latter makes it easier to drive your tube amp. Lastly the Vintage Fuzz has a battery simulator ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch, which helps the pedal sound like it is running from a battery when using a 9V DC input. If you power the Vintage Fuzz with an external battery box, an internal switch will allow the battery power to be directly injected into the circuit.

Great design and solid construction with rare vintage components

The design of the pedal not only looks great on your pedal board but is also very solidly constructed.  Hand wired on a carefully designed custom PCB. This pedal uses rare vintage components and produces the classic fuzz tones heard and loved for decades and gives you more clarity, more playability, more low end and a more controllability - all this without sacrificing the classic fuzz tone.

 Specs :

  • 4 Vintage Germanium Transistors
  • NKT275/AC128 Switchable
  • True Bypass
  • External Bias Adjustment Allows For Easy Tonal or Temperature Refinement.
  • Hand Wired with Carefully Selected Components
  • Internal Switches for Vintage/Fat – Bass Response.
  • Internal Switches for Vintage/Boost – Output Levels.
  • Fat Fat, did I say ‘Fat’ Tone!
  • Neutrik Jack Sockets
  • Runs on Standard 9 Volt Battery or DC jack Socket.
  • 9V DC Input has Battery Simulator – The Pedal Sounds Great Even When Using 9v DC Power. (Can be switched off)
  • Internal Switch Allows the Pedal to Run Efficiently on an External Battery Box.
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • Dimensions : 3,4 x 9,4 x 12,0 cm
  • Weight : 396 grams
  • Limited Edition.
  • Recommended power supply : Cioks Power Supplies